I want to write, to vlog, to create and share through all the wonderful mediums we have available in this time, the motivation and inspiration I wish I’d had.

I’m your cheerleader, ‘most positive person I know’, I listen and create and allow space for development, growth, creativity and passion – I’m that person who can make you feel like that crazy dream is actually doable – or so I’ve been told!

I want to share that, and while I would love to write a book or develop a podcast or something, I feel like this is where I start – with my blogs.

Passion & Purpose is my future book – I’m not sure on the actual title yet, but it’s about exploring the methods in which I will deliver this motivation and inspiration outside of my immediate circle of family and friends. I talk about discovering, developing and overcoming the fear and guilt of following the path you really want to take.

My Mindful Diary – is just that, my diary. I want to keep all the thoughts, stories and ideas I have in one place, after all, it’s all we have truly and it’s all we actually leave behind when we’re gone. It’ll be raw, I’ll speak truth and honest stories and lessons from them and if in turn they help someone else then that’s all I can ever hope for in sharing my story.

I hope you find something here that resonates or gives you the courage to go after your own dreams, or just keep a diary to tell your story and I’d always love to hear from you if you ever want to drop in for a chat.

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