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A little bit every day leads up to a lot over time, so how can you show up consistently to do a little bit every day? For the last 17 weeks, much to my own amazement, I’ve been getting up early 5 times a week to move my body, some days it’s a HIIT session,Continue reading “Consistency”


Afraid? You should be…

Fear exists in its primal state to keep us safe. Today, when amplified or irrational, it can make us anxious and hold us back, but right in the middle there is the magic amount that inspires and motivates us. The excitement of starting a new creative project, or business, or anything really is an infectious,Continue reading “Afraid? You should be…”


The great unlearning! Thinking of these characters in our story, conditioned by other people’s values, external measures beyond our control, family and friends, life situations – whatever it may be. Exploring in a unique way to that time, we learn by growing, by doing, by making mistakes, by having successes – but we can alsoContinue reading “Unschooling”

Characters in our story…

Our purpose and passion develops throughout our lives, is different at various and many points in our lives and can be influenced by where we have come from and the experiences and influences along the way such as socio economic background, parents, peer groups, friends, family, traditions, careers, you name it! All of these experiencesContinue reading “Characters in our story…”

Passion & Purpose

When you know what you need to do… You’ve read all the self helps, you’ve done your vision boards and manifesting, you have your ideas and your plans, but you just…. can’t get going? You know it’s time to do yet more work on what’s holding you back (absolutely key in moving forwards in anything)Continue reading “Passion & Purpose”