19th August 2021

Launching my already established blog… I’m re-aligning! Kerry Louise Yoga is going to be a place for my yoga offerings – the meditation and the asana practice. These mindful diary entries will continue but I want to offer more specific blogs on yoga and all of its many tools and benefits. I want to createContinue reading “19th August 2021”

18th August 2021

Had my second vaccination on Monday night and last night was not a good nights sleep! I had a slight temperature and a headache, got pain under my armpit oddly but generally not too bad – other than TIRED. I don’t get sick very often at all and I am fortunate to sleep very wellContinue reading “18th August 2021”

15th August 2021

It’s been a while… Pretty much two whole weeks to be precise!! I’ve been busy just keeping my head above water, manifesting like crazy but also trying to strike some balance. The refocus and managing expectation that manifestation doesn’t mean a lottery win – it means opportunity – is a hard one when you wantContinue reading “15th August 2021”

25th July 2021

I’m living too much in the future. I spend all my days working towards an early retirement style lifestyle and while it’s good to have goals, I need to embrace the elements of my dream life that are here already, moment to moment. As Craig and I lie in bed cuddling and I don’t wantContinue reading “25th July 2021”

Afraid? You should be…

Fear exists in its primal state to keep us safe. Today, when amplified or irrational, it can make us anxious and hold us back, but right in the middle there is the magic amount that inspires and motivates us. The excitement of starting a new creative project, or business, or anything really is an infectious,Continue reading “Afraid? You should be…”


The great unlearning! Thinking of these characters in our story, conditioned by other people’s values, external measures beyond our control, family and friends, life situations – whatever it may be. Exploring in a unique way to that time, we learn by growing, by doing, by making mistakes, by having successes – but we can alsoContinue reading “Unschooling”

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