What is a Gratitude Journal?

Almost whatever you want it to be! It doesn’t need a fancy new notebook or that beautiful £45 gratitude planner you saw on your IG ads (unless you want it to be), it can be scraps of paper or a standard diary, because what it is, ultimately is a tool to keep track of theContinue reading “What is a Gratitude Journal?”

16th October 2021 – Meditation Teacher Training

I am part way through a meditation teacher training and remembering the beauty of this practice. With the simplification of meditation as a way to relax or relieve stress, it would be a shame to deny oneself of the vision and possibility of where this practice point – radical transformation of the heart and howContinue reading “16th October 2021 – Meditation Teacher Training”

20th August 2021

Time to overcome a fear… I didn’t want to do something today and instead of being that polite British person and doing it anyway I said, I don’t want to thank you, and it felt GOOD. I opted to sit and draw, and write this blog instead! We walked around a forest earlier and thereContinue reading “20th August 2021”

13th July 2021

It’s Craig’s birthday! He’s 39 and unlike me, hates birthdays. It’s a time of reflection for him on what he hasn’t achieved this far, whereas for me the measures of success are different; the lives I’ve impacted, the smiles I’ve shared, the laughter and the celebrations, the triumphs through adversity and all to still beContinue reading “13th July 2021”

19th May 2021

High functioning depression & toxic productivity “Our current culture isn’t helping us build healthy coping, stress management, and decision-making skills. It’s fracturing it, creating the conditions where high-functioning depression can thrive” – Dr. Michael Yapko This morning I reluctantly got out of bed and went for a run, the audiobook wasn’t right so I switchedContinue reading “19th May 2021”

Are you ready?

Understanding the business of your business is one thing, understanding the lifestyle of your customers and building a community is quite another.  As we ease out of Lockdown in the UK I am seeing small business (the ones that have survived) prepare for reopening the doors, with fancy new ads, advanced booking systems and brandContinue reading “Are you ready?”

Yoga Nidra Reading Material

Here are some of our recommended reading suggestions on Yoga Nidra and related topics… Yoga Nidra: A Meditative Practice for Deep Relaxation and HealingClick here to buy Yoga Nidra for Complete Relaxationand Stress ReliefClick here to buy Yoga Nidra: The Art of Transformational SleepClick here to buy iRest Program For Healing PTSDClick here to buyContinue reading “Yoga Nidra Reading Material”

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Soothing the Nervous System  Most of us live our lives over stimulated by technology and with over packed schedules and enormous to do lists, and so we are habitually switched into the Sympathetic Nervous System; the high stress ‘fight or flight’ mode, constantly prepared or preparing for the next thing. Yoga Nidra helps us findContinue reading “Benefits of Yoga Nidra”

What is Yoga Nidra?

Kind of like meditation – but super charged (and more magical)!   Yoga Nidra translates as ‘yoga sleep’, although you are not technically asleep (this can take practice, trust me!) but you are somewhere in the middle. You Nidra is a state all of its own, it’s that bit in between awake and asleep, you’re surfingContinue reading “What is Yoga Nidra?”

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