Afraid? You should be…

Fear exists in its primal state to keep us safe. Today, when amplified or irrational, it can make us anxious and hold us back, but right in the middle there is the magic amount that inspires and motivates us. The excitement of starting a new creative project, or business, or anything really is an infectious,Continue reading “Afraid? You should be…”


I can’t just cut people off like that… Said one of my friends less than a week ago, and not for the first time.  I’m ‘brutal’ apparently.  ‘We just deal with these things in different ways’.  Maybe.  My standard response when apparently burned by anyone (which I am completely aware is irritating as hell whenContinue reading “Brutal”

Using IG as a Vision Board

Your news feed is just that – feed.  It’s sustenance for your brain.  It can be good, wholesome and nourishing or it can be junk, toxic and make you feel like crap in the long run.  Even if you think you’re consuming content as motivation towards a goal, you could still be eating those thingsContinue reading “Using IG as a Vision Board”

Can’t relate…

I love a bit of personal development reading or listening and have been filling my brain with all of the mindset tools, coaching and guidance I can get lately but there remains one issue; none of them talk about goals outside of the material. I know some do reference it, but it’s a passing thought,Continue reading “Can’t relate…”


Forgiveness is HARD sometimes. Forgiving others is one thing, but forgiving yourself is another. Our responses to actions and situations are human and mostly very normal, even if irrational at times. We often believe that ‘they’ don’t deserve our forgiveness, or that we really couldn’t care less what that person was suffering at the timeContinue reading “Forgiveness”

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