Why should I be grateful!?

A full gratitude practice is more than just saying thank you when a kindness or gift is offered, it is a feeling, an emotional state and response and a habit that can be established, with practice of course. In turn, and in time, once you cultivate this habit, by recognising the wonderful things that happenContinue reading “Why should I be grateful!?”

Gratitude Advent Calendar 2021

24 days of Gratitude Journal prompts directly to your inbox! You can use to journal a daily gratitude moment, either with good old fashioned pen and paper or even use your Instagram account. You’ll also get a gratitude manifestation prompt – a way that you can use that moment to manifest more of this magicContinue reading “Gratitude Advent Calendar 2021”

16th October 2021 – Meditation Teacher Training

I am part way through a meditation teacher training and remembering the beauty of this practice. With the simplification of meditation as a way to relax or relieve stress, it would be a shame to deny oneself of the vision and possibility of where this practice point – radical transformation of the heart and howContinue reading “16th October 2021 – Meditation Teacher Training”

Are you ready?

Understanding the business of your business is one thing, understanding the lifestyle of your customers and building a community is quite another.  As we ease out of Lockdown in the UK I am seeing small business (the ones that have survived) prepare for reopening the doors, with fancy new ads, advanced booking systems and brandContinue reading “Are you ready?”

Insta famous… and then what?

Every other ad on my socials has tips on how to get more followers, become an ‘influencer’, get ‘insta famous’ etc etc.  With the right plugins, SEO or apparently half naked photos leaving little to the imagination – you can become an internet sensation.  But then what?  As I looked at a photo yesterday of aContinue reading “Insta famous… and then what?”

My short shorts are not for your PR

Currently in South Goa visiting friends with my gorgeous new husband (we got married a week ago, in case I hadn’t mentioned it enough times), and had planned to go to a local morning yoga class.  That was until I got a message down the grapevine that somewhere along the line the Shala had decidedContinue reading “My short shorts are not for your PR”

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