Gratitude Advent Calendar 2021

24 days of Gratitude Journal prompts directly to your inbox! You can use to journal a daily gratitude moment, either with good old fashioned pen and paper or even use your Instagram account. You’ll also get a gratitude manifestation prompt – a way that you can use that moment to manifest more of this magicContinue reading “Gratitude Advent Calendar 2021”

Passion & Purpose

When you know what you need to do… You’ve read all the self helps, you’ve done your vision boards and manifesting, you have your ideas and your plans, but you just…. can’t get going? You know it’s time to do yet more work on what’s holding you back (absolutely key in moving forwards in anything)Continue reading “Passion & Purpose”

Game Changing Reads

I do love a Personal Development book by I do not love buying them and not resonating, and then they sit on my shelf for an age! So here are a few of my personal favourites; Light is the new Black This book changed everything… And that’s no exaggeration. I even have a triangle tattooContinue reading “Game Changing Reads”

Who would play you in the movie of LockDown2020?

And would they be the Hero, the Villain or Damsel in Distress? Anyone else watched umpteen movies over the last few weeks?  I know we have.  It got me thinking about that age old idea that we can choose our role in the plot that is our life. We played this game while stuck inContinue reading “Who would play you in the movie of LockDown2020?”

Insta famous… and then what?

Every other ad on my socials has tips on how to get more followers, become an ‘influencer’, get ‘insta famous’ etc etc.  With the right plugins, SEO or apparently half naked photos leaving little to the imagination – you can become an internet sensation.  But then what?  As I looked at a photo yesterday of aContinue reading “Insta famous… and then what?”


I can’t just cut people off like that… Said one of my friends less than a week ago, and not for the first time.  I’m ‘brutal’ apparently.  ‘We just deal with these things in different ways’.  Maybe.  My standard response when apparently burned by anyone (which I am completely aware is irritating as hell whenContinue reading “Brutal”

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