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Gratitude Advent Calendar 2021

24 days of Gratitude Journal prompts directly to your inbox! You can use to journal a daily gratitude moment, either with good old fashioned pen and paper or even use your Instagram account.

You’ll also get a gratitude manifestation prompt – a way that you can use that moment to manifest more of this magic every day.

Why Gratitude?

By actively seeking out or creating moments of gratitude, we cultivate more of this joy into existence – quite literally manifesting these situations that bring us gratitude, into reality.

Read more here about what a Gratitude Journal is!

If you can learn to focus your goals around the pure, positive and joyful feelings associated with them – you can make your dreams come true!

At the end of the month I’ll publish the full list, but for now – it’ll be fun to get one little prompt per day and at the end of the month have a lovely little log of beautiful moments to make your heart full.

Let me know how you get on – share your links or send me emails – I’ll be doing it on my Instagram too so be sure to head over there and follow!

Much love (& Gratitude!!)

Kerry x


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