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Don’t pity me by your standards…

What some may consider ‘going without’ or ‘suffering’ is my having plenty, my having what I need, not having more than my lot or even sharing what I do have, does not mean I am suffering – for me it is quite the opposite in fact. 

My house is ample size, even too big for our needs! It’s a two bed terrace and so we have one bedroom that is empty except for a spare bed that is rarely used. 

My car is 16 years old, but it still runs and no matter how many hire cars I ‘get’ to drive through work I always enjoy coming back to my little old car for it has character, heart and lots of funny noises. 

I have a fully belly and food in the cupboards.  I have a job, two in fact, but out of choice not out of need.  I am working towards, and cultivating day to day, a lifestyle free from the things that do create suffering – greed, desire, wanting, more and never finding acceptance in what we have moment to moment. 

Finding wealth in my health, my family, my community and the adventure that the blessing of each new moment brings – the things that money cannot buy. 

I know that doesn’t align with modern, instagramable values, and that’s OK – but don’t pity me, or suggest I am suffering because I don’t need the same things to be fulfilled. 

That’s quite something else. 


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