16th October 2021 – Meditation Teacher Training

I am part way through a meditation teacher training and remembering the beauty of this practice.

With the simplification of meditation as a way to relax or relieve stress, it would be a shame to deny oneself of the vision and possibility of where this practice point – radical transformation of the heart and how we understand life.

Wisdom and understanding ourselves, the ways we trip ourselves up, the inner critic, the way it is normal to have ran evaluating voice, but well enough that we are not beholden to it, just because it’s there does not give it authority.  

Compassion – freedom of the heart, the hearts natural rest is one of love, in various forms, the capacity to just be tender, to give loving attention to what needs loving attention and the quality of love that is able to really enjoy without consumption or desperation or want, that rests in appreciation and gratitude and wonder.  That we are extraordinary beneficiaries of life’s blessings simply by being here today in the form that we are. Meditation allows a deepening of that capacity of love that can be compassionate towards the painful.

Love that is the fruits of meditation in developing a true openness of heart that can stay amidst the rollercoaster that is life. 

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