30th July

Today I am manifesting my dreams – I am putting together pinterest boards, I am writing it out like lines, I am closing my eyes and visualising it – I’m putting a strong message out there to the universe I need my dream to come true.

We have a year, 12 months. It’s 1st August on Sunday and this time next year we want to have the house sold, living in the truck, debts paid off and working simply to keep the savings boosted but notices given where necessary and preparing to go.

Unless we have a windfall or something, we’d go tomorrow if we could.

My Vision; Waking up without an alarm, we’re in the truck, some days I go for a run, then we make and eat breakfast, go for a hike or a wander, read a book, make a healthy lunch, do a couple hours online work, make and eat dinner, edit some content and read a book or watch a movie… bare foot, fancy free.

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