25th July 2021

I’m living too much in the future.

I spend all my days working towards an early retirement style lifestyle and while it’s good to have goals, I need to embrace the elements of my dream life that are here already, moment to moment.

As Craig and I lie in bed cuddling and I don’t want to get up and go to work, or long for the days we can do this all morning, I am not enjoying the cuddle at that moment, my mind is elsewhere.

As I sit find myself day dreaming about leaving, I am not appreciating the opportunity of work, of the opportunity to learn skills that will develop me as a person.

The more I consider my yoga classes a source of income, I am moving away from the world of benefit and love that makes yoga what it is – I need to invest myself more in the world of yoga, beyond the class planning, delivery and invoicing otherwise I am nothing more than a fitness instructor.

So, more appreciating those cuddles for whatever time I have them, right there. More showing up in my work, embracing the opportunities presented to me. More Yoga – true yoga, self study and development, mind body and heart.

It’s good to have goals, but not to get so fixated on them you miss the whole journey there.

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