A little bit every day leads up to a lot over time, so how can you show up consistently to do a little bit every day?

For the last 17 weeks, much to my own amazement, I’ve been getting up early 5 times a week to move my body, some days it’s a HIIT session, some days it’s a 5k run/jog/shuffle, but my mind is thanking me finally and the side effects is a stronger body. I must say though – I hate it – at first anyway.

Using exercise as the example – I don’t want to get out of my warm bed to go get sweaty and occasionally nauseous – however I know that once I have done I’ll feel great! I also know that lying in bed scrolling the socials is not doing anything to manifest my dreams. Everyone who has achieved what they set out to do, got their asses out of bed when they didn’t want to! Then at the end of the day I can say ‘today, I did xyz towards my dreams’ – I worked out which contributes to my quality of life, physically and mentally, which allows me to continue on for as long as possible, doing what I love.

For the record, I factor in an hour before I start work to lie on the sofa and scroll socials guilt free and lazy as hell, but after I’ve worked out. Rest and indulgence are SO important – but be honest here, are they costing you more than they are giving?

It’s the age old ‘hack’ to success, creating ‘habits’ and sticking with them consistently. I have a friend who I message every day and we had a ‘what are we doing wrong’ moment last week, I said ‘we both suck at consistency’, he replied ‘yeah I know!’ – so why do we find it so hard to show up every day to work to finding our purpose?

I’m going to share my tool that I use regularly to remind me how to make it happen today, manifest my goals with each and every day.

  1. Write down you ultimate goal (if you have several do this for each)
    – Mine would be travelling the world in our truck adventuring every day, writing and exploring
  2. What are the components you’re going to need to include to make it happen?
    – e.g. A truck, a published book, an online community to share your work, passive income, £XX,XXX in the bank
  3. When do you want to do it? (set a date is key to manifesting into reality!)
    – We’re leaving for Europe next December for a year, bigger plan is to then leave two years later for good
  4. What can you do in the next 3 months?
    – That’s just 12 weeks time – set out 3 goals
  5. What can you do in the next 4 weeks?
    – Break it down again, set out 4 actions for each of your monthly goals – I cannot wait to add ‘book the tickets’ in a few months time and ‘put the house on the market’ this time next year
  6. What can you do consistently every day this week to achieve that first 4 week action?
    – Work out, blog diary to keep me focused on my writing (read mine at My Mindful Diary), listen to podcasts and read books for inspiration on my field of content, interact with my community.

Then MANIFEST that thing – another post coming on this later – but briefly;

  • I have our plan all mapped out in visual form as my computer wallpaper and my phone wallpaper – Canva is great for this or even PowerPoint has some great templates for a montage – subliminal messaging every time I open my computer or look at my phone
  • I have our 3 month goals and actions printed out and stuck on the wall in a place I pass several times a day
  • I regularly vision board at a very basic level with just a sharpie and some paper and doodle out our dreams and goals

Another book recommendation! This is not a new idea, but my motivation to do it was renewed after listening to Big Ideas for Small Businesses on Audible, but you can buy the real live book here;

Big Ideas… For Small Businesses: Simple, Practical Tools and Tactics to Help Your Small Business Grow

You can also get a free trial of Audible if you prefer to listen to your inspiration like I do, via the button below:

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