Afraid? You should be…

Fear exists in its primal state to keep us safe. Today, when amplified or irrational, it can make us anxious and hold us back, but right in the middle there is the magic amount that inspires and motivates us.

The excitement of starting a new creative project, or business, or anything really is an infectious, all consuming buzz… and then you start telling people and you get the ‘what ifs’ and ‘have you thought about’ and ‘what’s your back up plan’.

When I first set up as a yoga teacher and my now husband’s new mountaineering business was just starting out, we excitedly shared the news with someone close to me in my family who took one look our new business cards and did a little ‘ain’t that cute’ laugh. After they left our business cards were still on the sofa where they’d left them. I was hurt initially, but I was also motivated.

All of this comes from their own fear of change, they aren’t in the place to take these risks and can’t imagine giving up everything they know as they know it to take on something entirely new, however exciting it is. It’s unsafe, unknown, brand new and no-one likes change, right? Before you judge too harshly – consider the safety that they are used to (I’m sure you already have), change is scary.

While discussing this with my friend Chris just today, he also reminded me that ‘Some of it also comes from the fear of you changing – people often like you to be you, and don’t always like knowing others are getting on and doing things’.

People like it when you’re ‘just normal’ or the same as them, or in toxic relationships, if you’re easily ‘managed’ as you are and this strength and courage means they’re no longer in control (I actually gained freedom from a toxic relationship in this exact way!) so brace yourself, big change might be coming to a relationship near you.

“I’ve lost more friends getting my shit together than I ever did when I was a degenerate. There is a brutal lesson in that.”

– Ed Latimore

This might trigger your own fears, your own guilts perhaps about taking on something just for you, change for your family, relationships or others around you – but also consider this – how scary is it instead, to stay stuck?

There’s a quote (and bumper sticker I believe) that goes ‘what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’ – but what would you do anyway, even if you knew you’d have to try a few times, ‘fail’ maybe even a couple of times, but it meant you were following your dreams?

You’re obviously reading this because you want to make change, you’re ready to explore your passion and your purpose and change doesn’t scare you, you’re motivated, if nervous, but still inspired and excited.

There’s another quote that goes ‘Failure has a function, It asks you if you really want to go on making things” – Clive James. which is quoted in one of my favourite books Big Magic and I wanted to share some motivational reading with you;

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway: How to Turn Your Fear and Indecision into Confidence and Action

Big Magic: How to Live a Creative Life, and Let Go of Your Fear

You can also get both of these in audio book format if you prefer to listen to your inspiration you can get a free trial via the button below

Despite a successful few years teaching yoga in London and Europe and organising international mountain events, we’ve moved onto other lofty goals, and we still get eye rolls and laughter, until we start earning money, good money too, and I’ll just leave you with this…

First they will ask you why and then they will ask you how.

– Unknown

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