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Passion & Purpose

When you know what you need to do…

You’ve read all the self helps, you’ve done your vision boards and manifesting, you have your ideas and your plans, but you just…. can’t get going?

You know it’s time to do yet more work on what’s holding you back (absolutely key in moving forwards in anything) but it’s also time to STOP using that as a reason to put it off longer still.

Get this: you can do both at the same time! You can work on what’s holding you back, be it fear or imposter syndrome or guilt and financial pressure and start putting real life steps in place, no more planning, actual doing. Baby steps or giant leaps,
just get going.

I want to write about passion and purpose – the desire, the longing, the creativity and breaking free – but I feel like I don’t have the ‘qualifications’ – so I’m going to write about it as I do it instead – as I gain the experience that qualifies me to do it.

My experience instead comes from my only 35 years to date on this planet, through growth, personal development, trauma, adventure, exploring and loving and if that isn’t enough – I’ll never be qualified – so I’m just doing.

Here’s my book, in the writing. Let’s go.

I’m so happy  you’re here!

Whether you’re just starting out in a new passion or perhaps exploring, discovering and questioning your purpose in life, maybe you want to take a hobby to the next level or want to consider the guilt or pressure you’re feeling around this exciting new direction you’re being called to in your life – I hope to bring you discussions, tools and tips for pushing through and taking this journey forwards.

Be sure to prepare your learning space, make yourself comfy, use headphones if you need to unplug from the world around you, have snacks nearby and a brew in hand.

Let’s get going…

What are you afraid of? You’re here because you’re ready to make change, so let’s talk about whats’ stopping you…

That old thing! How can you show up every day for your lofty goals and dreams?

Manifesting the different self characters in our story and how they influence us today

What do the characters in our story have to teach us, and what out dated conditioning do they have to let go?


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