I’m selling my house to live in a truck!

In case you didn’t know, Craig and I are currently building an exhibition/camper truck from an ex-army truck, which we will build into a tiny home on wheels and live in – full time.  First in the UK, then to Europe, then basically wherever we want!

Of course, as a plan, this is completely against everything we are taught growing up – get a job, have a family, get a car, get a mortgage – pay it off until a few years before you die so you can leave it to someone in said family.  But this is just not for us.  

I got my first mortgage just 3 years ago (at 32 years old) and I sat there and thought ‘right… what now?’… I feel very ‘grown up’ when I think about it, but it just feels like a bit of anti-climax.  I guess we just want more than just a house.  Home is wherever you want it to be and we are fortunate to be able to choose.  

I had an almost aggressive exchange prompted by someone on social media the other day, which started with ‘Keep the house and rent it’

We are suggested this one a lot, and the honest answer is – we can’t be arsed.  Also financially, for the area we couldn’t cover the mortgage and management fees. Yes, we probably could ask someone we know to manage it for us but also – I don’t want to be thinking about this while I’m on the road on our adventures, we want to sell up and leave without any ties.  Then you might get a crap tenant, or it sits empty, or you have a fussy tenant and management fees go up and you end up having to worry about covering all of those costs while on the road. 

Then ‘even if you have to top it up, it’s a fall back’ 

I am of the firm belief that if you go into something with a plan for failure – you’re not going into it with a whole heart (and most likely, it’ll be set to fail before you’ve started).  We don’t want one foot in adventure and the other in ‘what if’ – we want to jump in, feet first, both feet too! And not to repeat myself – but we don’t want to be worrying about this while on the road never mind finding the money to top up our mortgage payments when all we want to worry about it fuel and food.  The ideas is freedom. 

Finally – ‘well, you’re wrong, but I sincerely hope you don’t think in a few years ‘I wish we still had the house’’ 

First of all, it’s really quite arrogant to assume that all we want (or anyone wants) from life is a brick house. We will have a home, it’ll just be on wheels. Secondly, and more importantly – I am pretty sure you will be wishing you’d done more of what we’re doing in life long before we think ‘ah shit, wonder if Kevin from Facebook was right’. 

Not asked directly – but what actually is the plan? 

The political and economic climate changes daily, hourly even, so we aren’t making one really.  We will pop whatever equity we have in the house (if there even is any) into a bank account and leave it there, and if we do return, or settle somewhere else entirely, we can make a decision on our next steps. 

I mean, we might not even come back! We might get to Spain, Morocco, South America even and decide we want to stay. That’s the beauty of it – we can choose, and at the end of the day, the only constant in life, is change. 

To see more on our this epic new way of life go to www.penelopethetruck.com or subscribe to our vlog at www.youtube.com/c/penelopethetruck

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