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What is Yoga Nidra?

Kind of like meditation – but super charged (and more magical)!  

Yoga Nidra translates as ‘yoga sleep’, although you are not technically asleep (this can take practice, trust me!) but you are somewhere in the middle.

You Nidra is a state all of its own, it’s that bit in between awake and asleep, you’re surfing the two worlds and in this state you can access new levels of relaxation, restoration and unleash your creativity. 

There are many different approaches to the practice, a variety of different schools and methods but a typical practice will take you through a body scan, then a visualisation, either with direct instructions of what you should see, or suggestions where you can create your own version of the story.  There may also be the experience of opposites in either sensation or feeling or perhaps a recount of your day. 

The practice can be done at any time of the day, either midday like a super charged power nap, where the guide will bring you out of the practice so you can go about your day or for sleep, where you will be left to drift off into some of the most peaceful nights sleep you will ever have. 

It is usually done lying down, but can also be done in a seated position, either way you just need to get comfy and let it all go.  Don’t worry if you do appear to fall asleep, most of the time, when your guide cue’s to bring you back into the space,  you will still hear them – so you were still present.  Although sometimes you do fall asleep and well, if you need it you need it, right? 

Our advice? Give it a try! 

Your Yoga Teacher, the Science, or Beryl down the road shouting about how amazing this thing is aside, the best thing about trying a new practice is exploring the benefits and effects for you personally.

A little warning: exercise caution with conditions such as anxiety, trauma and complex mental states such as schizophrenia – this require specialised knowledge and should not be taken lightly.

Insight Timer

We record Yoga Nidra’s for Insight Timer, a completely free app! Head over to our Yoga Nidra Page for more details…

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