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Who would play you in the movie of LockDown2020?

And would they be the Hero, the Villain or Damsel in Distress?

Anyone else watched umpteen movies over the last few weeks?  I know we have.  It got me thinking about that age old idea that we can choose our role in the plot that is our life.

We played this game while stuck in Nepal – who would play you in the movie of this trek – we all chose each other’s based on looks and mine was Cristina Ricci – I think for the pointy face and large forehead but I’m not unhappy with that! We also had Clint Eastwood and Jason Statham in the group – it was a strong one! 

The story told however would definitely be one of strength, positivity, camaraderie and overcoming the challenges set against us.  We would absolutely not focus on the full on toddler level temper tantrum I had one day, or the low points others (very naturally) felt as we faced hurdle after hurdle – however important as they are in building the strength we ultimately discovered, it would absolutely not be the overarching storyline! 

So – who would play you? What role would you play? Would you prevail? Have some fun with this – maybe draw a picture of yourself in each role, define the characteristics, traits, strengths and weaknesses, then write your story in each and every day.  

You could even write it down each evening, like an adventure story journal! 

I would love to hear about your character, your inspiration, your story – email me at hello@pranayogasoul and share yours!


One thought on “Who would play you in the movie of LockDown2020?

  1. Fun idea! Today it would be an actress with wild frizzy hair, mismatched gardening clothes, clumsily working in the garden, in a slightly bonkers way…maybe a young Miriam Margolyes? 😂


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