Morning routine nonsense…

A moment of honesty for you…

This morning I got up at 6am, had a hot water and lemon, practiced yoga, meditated then made myself a smoothie for breakfast… but just to make you aware – I DO NOT DO THIS EVERY DAY!

In fact, I am far from the dutiful yogi and if I get in a personal asana practice once a week I’ve done well. My alarm also went off originally at 5… I did well to manage to haul my ass out of bed after an hour of trying, and failing, to nod back off.

I would like to just take the pressure off! Yes, it felt beyond wonderful. Yes, I would love to cultivate this into a daily habit. YES, I do feel a little smug about it. But I have spurts of time where I have a proper morning routine, sometimes it’s a one off, others it’s because I’m up anyway so I may as well and sometimes I manage it for two whole weeks, then it all goes out of the window and I’m back at square one.

BUT – I still try. And trying is better than not, right?

Getting on the mat is the first step. Moving your body around in any way you feel like is a good start. Better yet – getting up with something other to do than scroll your phone while you pee or while the kettle boils is a great alternative start to your day.

The little steps lead to bigger ones.

While we’re at this honesty business; I also didn’t shower yesterday and I ate a whole packet of Bourbon biscuits on Sunday evening… HUMAN AND PROUD!

2 thoughts on “Morning routine nonsense…

  1. Really like your honesty in the post! It’s so hard to keep up with ‘what you should be doing’ and nobody ever talks about how it’s ok to take your foot off the pedal a bit!


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