Insta famous… and then what?

Every other ad on my socials has tips on how to get more followers, become an ‘influencer’, get ‘insta famous’ etc etc. 

With the right plugins, SEO or apparently half naked photos leaving little to the imagination – you can become an internet sensation.  But then what? 

As I looked at a photo yesterday of a yogi in Parsvottonasana, standing across two rocks, with a waterfall in the background, in a bikini (obviously), she already had almost 900 likes, and counting, and the caption read something about a constantly ever flowing river of life, the tao and our hearts… or something… then ‘wearing @whoeverpaidmetopostthis’, as standard – I couldn’t help but wonder what her original goal was in seeking this ‘fame’, and what cost. 

I am also at a point where I am happy teaching just two classes a week, with one UK yoga retreat a year (maybe one more to come) and working with awesome figures in the yoga community and I am looking at settling down on a niche of my own.  I could probably work my networks and find a very good level of following, if I wanted to.  BUT – I am mindful of ensuring that I am still offering my followers something authentic, something that they will truly benefit from. 

Not sure my followers want a new bikini… even if I were to stand precariously across a river to take a photo of one! 

I am feeling more and more drawn to yoga nidra and writing for children.  I love teaching and hosting retreats, but I don’t necessarily want that to become what I ‘do’.  I want to bring balance and inspiration to peoples lives to create their own balance.  I want to change the mindset of generations and the pace of life, to slow down and challenge values. 

We are worth so much more than arses and tiny waists and so are those who we hope to ‘influence’.  I’d rather influence them by connecting with them, and them with themselves, on a much less superficial level. 

Not knocking those in the bikinis – you look FABULOUS, you really do, and if that’s your bag then carry on, I am simply considering whether it is in line with what you want to achieve for your followers, or for yourself?  (if it is, then great!). But for me, and those I have been talking to about this topic, it’s too easy to get caught up in the flow and all of a sudden, you’re out of alignment with your original intentions. 

Making a note, as I write my business plan for 2020/21, to regularly check in, review what I’m putting out there and make sure it’s aligned with the change I hope to see in the world, starting with myself, as they saying goes (or something like that).

2 thoughts on “Insta famous… and then what?

  1. This is spot on. I’m always telling clients that creating awareness of your business with the right audience is important but actually having 1000’s of followers who never engage or buy from you is pointless. It’s wasted energy. Find your target market, speak authentically with them and you might have lower numbers but you’ll have an engaged community where you can make a difference.


  2. as you say these kinds of posts are everywhere, and it is so important to be ourselves and therefore attract the people who want to work with us ‘cos we are who we are. and it comes back to what sort of business we want to build rather than the sort of business the ‘gurus’ tell us we should be building 🙂


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