Everyone climbs Kili, right?

Yet another fundraising challenge for charity (I see you rolling your eyes already!) but I just want to put this into perspective, I have some facts and figures for you!

Kili is one of the 7 summits (one of the 7 highest mountains on each continent) and the tallest free standing mountain on our beautiful planet! It’s a massive 5895m! I will be trekking for 7 days on one of the hardest physical and mental challenges I have completed to date, trekking on a huge variety of terrain, from jungles to desert type plains to snow and ice! Furthermore, some of the challenges we face;

1). Guarantee of rain and damp conditions at lower levels, wind as well as hot & cold temperatures all in one week!

2). Extreme altitude above 5,500m/ 18,044 feet.

3). The biggest summit day of your life up 1,245m/ 4,084ft. and down 2,795m/ 9,169ft.

4). Altitude has it’s problems too of course

5). Physical fatigue, from multi-day hiking and altitude 

6). Lack of sleep

7). Seven days of camping, showerless, toilet-less

In September we attended the WellChild Awards where just a small handful of the incredible people supported by the charity got to share their stories of bravery, inspiration and enormous compassion, despite their own personal physical health challenges – this is the least I can do as a healthy, able bodied person, so I am grateful if you could spare a donation (no matter how small, price of your morning coffee) to help me support this amazing charity. 

See my Just Giving Here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kerry-kili-2020

I am financing all costs associated with the trek myself, so any donations will be purely to support the amazing work that WellChild do. 

Always happy to have a chat on the phone about the challenge, I have a little under a year – next up is some sort of training plan I’m sure. 

Thank you 

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