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T’is the season…

This time of year is my favourite time, the Autumn (or Fall), it’s where my new cycle begins.  With such a clear falling away of nature, then the cold, quiet, hibernation phase of winter with its dark nights and frostiness before a brilliant, bright bursting through of life in Spring and the amazing energy that follows with Summer before we start over again, with a settling in of all that has gone before, and a shedding of anything that no longer serves us. 

As I walked around my favourite local place today, taking in the sounds, smells, colours and feeling my heart beating in my body, I observed the colours still green and some oranges, yellows and reds coming through and at the same time a gorgeous friend of mine in Stockholm sent a photo while on her own walk (the one in the header), where the leaves are all orange and there are many more of them on the ground and it made me appreciate that this shedding also goes at its own pace for everyone, as it does for every tree. 

This time of year for me is the start of creation, of new beginnings, new ideas, new ventures.  I can take stock of everything so far this year, taking lessons forwards with gratitude and love (especially the harder ones).  Then with winter, as we all wrap up and maybe spend more time indoors, to really treasure these experiences and work with them to manifest the enormous force that is required for life to push through the dirt and all that compacted matter to bring new life, new energy, fresh flowers, new trees and plants.  

So I would offer a suggestion, that we all take the time to recognise this transition, this transformation in our own lives as we do in nature.  Where we are at with the shedding of our own leaves, our lessons and challenges, how they go back into the earth and around again for the next cycle. 

We need this time as much as Mother Nature, Pacha Mama, to shed, restore, revive and to thrive. 


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