A lesson in slowing down

I am sat at Ibiza airport having just completed a 75 hour Yin & Yoga Nidra training with Melanie Cooper and Jennie Wadsten and as I rest my pretty badly twisted ankle upon my wheelie case, I am reflecting on a theme, slowing the f* down!

If you know me, you know I am rushing, always. Busy, busy, busy, always somewhere to be, something that needs doing, a deadline or a client. I even teach a strong, dynamic style of yoga.

On just the second day of the teacher training here I was rushing back from my room to teach yoga nidra (rushing for nidra – as if!) to some of my new found friends and I took a shortcut across the grass, in my flip-flops and *snap* my left foot rolls over, there is a lovely crunching sound and I’m down.

While everyone is bollywood dancing…

I am convinced it isn’t broken btw, but I will have an x-ray when I get home tonight just to be on the safe side (and at Craig’s request).

The overarching lesson here, in a week of training in a style of yoga that is slow, with long holds, requiring patience and watching the breath and feeling the body, was not lost on me. I was now stranded. I couldn’t go into town, and our afternoon off found me in the villa on my own, with my ego.

To reframe this accident as a gift was not easy, I was outright pissed off at myself. I could not do the morning flows, I had to modify every asana I could do and I had to hop everywhere – my right leg is not my friend right now.

I have done this before (running through the jungle in Borneo!) but this one was sheer lack of attention. But, also, the universe provides the lessons you need in order to grow.

Taking from this, the positives, I got to learn what it was like to practice with a different injury, I was humbled in asking for help with even the basic things, I learned to appreciate being still and I had a few good words with Ego too. I also got to contemplate how many people could do with this lesson, though perhaps in a less extreme way.

Time to slow life down a little, remind myself that there is no rush, be present, stop trying to get to the next thing so quickly (and especially not in flip-flops!)

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