Using IG as a Vision Board

Your news feed is just that – feed.  It’s sustenance for your brain.  It can be good, wholesome and nourishing or it can be junk, toxic and make you feel like crap in the long run. 

Even if you think you’re consuming content as motivation towards a goal, you could still be eating those things marketed as healthy, but with all of the hidden bad stuff; following #fitspo or #thinspo in the hope it’ll make you stick to your diet or go to the gym when in fact, it just makes you feel bad that you’re not there yet – sound familiar? I know I have!

Another example; that woman flying business class every other month to incredible destinations, which she puts this down to ‘grinding’ (more likely ‘credit card’) and you feel like crap when you check your bank balance and feel absolutely drained while looking at their very expensive clutch bag and thinking you should work harder, when you already have a 9-5 and a family to care for.

I was caught in that loop, following things that conspire towards what I consider ‘the end game’ when they were in fact social standards.  I was also missing a trick!  In focusing to that end goal, I wasn’t appreciating the journey towards it.

I personally spend an average of 5 hours on social media every day.  Partly my job, partly procrastination (I won’t give you a breakdown!)  That’s a LOT of sustenance.  Although now my feed, which is meant to motivate you towards your goals every time you have a scroll, is a healthy space, that certainly wasn’t always the case.

The idea of a vision board is that you put all of the things you’re working towards into pictures, perhaps cutting them out of magazines etc and pin them up where you can see them.

The underlying work of course is that you focus on how you will FEEL when you have those things, and you seek to find that in every day, eventually you will work towards those goals but will feel more fulfilled when you do get there (provided you put this work in).

I had to switch up my thinking, so I unfollowed the buff or outright skinny women on my feed (unrealistic for me personally), I don’t align with brands or consumer drives so anything with a designer handbag, regular business class flight or expensive shoes went too.  As did anyone who made me feel bad for taking a day at a time, those people who tell you should be smashing/destroying/killing it/grinding (negative connotations if ever there were any), they went too – I was shifting my mindset.  

I sought out the inspiration in you doing YOU.  The people working on the present mindset, being here and now, manifesting each moment instead of a far-off goal, creating your goals in each hour, day, week, month but not removing yourself from the journey.

So, here are three key tips for you to make your feed a more nourishing space.  Take your time here, make a cup of tea and get comfy, make write down a few key feelings you’re looking for and when you drift away from them and find yourself spiralling, remember why you started this exercise:

Clear Out! Go through your feed and unfollow anyone or any hashtag that makes you wish you could be something or somewhere other than you are. 

NOTE: If, like me, you follow things like tiny house accounts, which send me off into daydreams of living in an A-frame house with a bed above my kitchen, cool, if it works towards your daily motivations toward your bigger plans… it must align with your higher purpose!

Hashtags – What do you want to FEEL? One of the first things you learn when you take any online marketing course is that your followers will look for hashtags for what they want – so search it out, what are you looking for in your daily feed?

Mentors –  Consider everyone you follow to be teaching you something, who do you want to learn from?

NOTE: this is not ‘who do you want to be?’ (you are you and no one else can do that) but who brings out the light in you and helps you shine?

That’s it! Spend a little time doing this and you will notice a shift.

If you want to chat this through get in touch, I’d love to help.

Much love

Kerry x

2 thoughts on “Using IG as a Vision Board

  1. This is a great way to look at it. I’m hearing lots of people becoming weary of social media but when I look at who they’re following I can see why they’re exhausted!


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