Zero Waste

As I look around our house, the amount of plastic and heavily processed products we have makes me sad.

We have moved to a plant based diet (commonly known as vegan but let’s not start that argument!) with the motivation of saving our planet, and for our overall health. Yet we continue to purchase cleaning and bathroom products with plastic packaging. I know that this is a gradual lifestyle transition and, as with making moves towards veganism, takes planning and research in order to make a well informed and healthy move (the first time we cut dairy out of our vegetarian diet we did no research and no planning and both suffered!).

So, today I ordered some essential oils and am currently looking into reusable wipes, as well as home made body washes, scrubs, soaps and shampoos. I’m going full hippie, you might say.

Next on the list – compost bin! We cook from fresh a lot and this means vegetable scraps, and a LOT of them. It makes me sad each time we just scrape them into the bin…

Looking forward to sharing this journey with you – and photos of beautifully labelled glass jars in my cupboards!

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