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Blocking for my sanity

‘Kerry has blocked me on Twitter for some reason’

Perhaps because you are not a positive influence in her day to day life? Some of the people I have blocked have out right deserved it – and they just like to play innocent. Others, like the cast of Love Island for example, don’t particilarly offend me personally, but the content of that programme is triggering for me for many reasons, so I’ve blocked it. The same reason I’ve blocked #fitspo, #thinspo and #looseweight.

Right before I hit that ‘block’ button I have that old ‘oh but I don’t want to offend anyone’ – then I have a little chat with myself and consider this;

If I were having one of my ‘on the sofa with a blanket and one of those giant bars of chocolate they do at Christmas’ days – would I want that person to be sat next to me? Would I turn to them for comfort or friendship? Would they make me feel better about myself? If it’s a no then they have to go.

We don’t necessarily realise it but even these people’s/tv shows/ artists names simply showing up on our timeline with an update can trigger something negative inside of us. Why would we actively choose to put that in directly into our minds?  It’s not usually anything personal, but I am not willing to put myself in that negative mental space any more than I would force feed myself something I was allergic to just to make someone happy.

If I’ve blocked you, don’t take it personally, it’s more about me than it is you, honestly.

Try it though – it’s liberating.


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