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Like a girl…

The truth of a photo! This one was taken moments after I had frozen in complete panic on a ridge in the snow. Moments before, the photo I shared all over social media of me stood strong, in crampons, ready to take it on!

I got round the first section a little shaky, lots of swearing. but then the second section, only a step about the height of me (which isn’t much), I froze. I cried, I panicked. I was done. Craig guided me back down and we turned back and onto another summit right behind us.

I spent the next 20 minutes beating myself up. Looking back, wondering why I couldn’t do it. In a moment of complete disrespect to women everywhere I even said to myself that I’d freaked out ‘like a girl’ – then immediately had a word with myself. Yes – like a girl – a girl in crampons and with an ice axe who had climbed for over an hour up that damn mountain to that point and was about to make a summit either way. Like a girl who had realised her limits for that day and ought to respect that. I was angry with myself for being so ridiculous as to feel anything less than accomplished, strong and proud.

We were out for a good few more hours after that and I enjoyed the day, overall it had been lovely to just be out, in nature, in the snow, with my man. I also got to play around in my crampons for the first time since I’d had them (about two years).

Here’s to remembering my worth, my value and to respect myself and my achievements.


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